Both SBIR and STTR funding programs offer opportunities for small businesses to access capital that can help them advance their innovative ideas into marketable products or services.

Small Business and NSF

If you have an innovative and transforming idea, then NSF is an excellent source of funding. Almost $200 million of the NSF budget goes towards small businesses and entrepreneurs through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Search for Past NIH Awards and Grants

Introduction: Understanding the Importance of Researching Past NIH Awards Securing research funding is a crucial aspect of scientific research, and one of the most prestigious sources of such funding is the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH awards grants to researchers across various fields, providing them with the necessary resources to conduct groundbreaking studies […]

Comparing DOD, NSF, and NIH SBIR Funding: Which is the Best Fit for Your Small Business?

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Introduction: Understanding the Importance of SBIR Funding for Small Businesses Are you an innovative entrepreneur looking to turn your groundbreaking ideas into reality? Look no further than government funding programs such as SBIR and STTR opportunities at the DOD, NSF, and NIH. These programs offer a golden opportunity for startups to secure the financial support […]

Finding the right fit for funding at NIH

Demystifying the Process: Finding the Right Fit for Funding at NIH Introduction: Understanding the Importance of Finding the Right Funding at NIH Securing funding for research is a critical aspect of advancing scientific discovery and innovation. When it comes to research funding, one organization stands out as a beacon of support: the National Institutes of […]

The SBIR Program

Non-dilutive funding for your startup Are you an entrepreneur, startup, or small business needing funds to support the development of your next idea? Would you like to get such funding without the need to pay it back or give up ownership? Well, there is such a program here in the US. It’s called the Small […]