About Caizio

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

Based in Dallas, Texas, we have 25 years of experience with medtech and biotech startups. We have a proven track record of successfully bringing in grants, contracts, and early-stage funding. We also have experience in forging strategic partnerships, managing technology transfer, establishing proof of concept, and sponsoring research with academic, industry, and government entities.

Our Approach

We help startups and small businesses with early stage product development, funding strategies, and business planning. We specialize in getting grants for small businesses and startups who are developing medical technologies. Unlike equity financing, no ownership is given up. Unlike debt financing, grants do not need to be repaid.

We want to bring innovative solutions to patients in need.

Our Experience


Vagus nerve stimulation, peripheral nerve electrodes, deep brain stimulation.

purple cells


Multiplexed assays, targeted therapies, nanomedicine, imaging.

close-up photo of persons eye


Retinal imaging, ocular implants.

white digital device beside white pen


Biosensors, neuropathy interventions.


Surgical tools, imaging.

COVID-19 Screening Tool

Mobile Health

Telemedicine, caregiver and patient apps.

person holding black iphone 4


Patient monitoring, smart clothing.


Diagnostic imaging, clinical trial decisions.

gray gatch bed in hospital

Point of Care

Portable instrumentation, lab tests.